Since 1996 Curaçao eGaming has provided eGaming License and IP (Information Provider) compliance services to qualified applicants.

  • Curaçao eGaming

    Curaçao, is one of the oldest and most politically stable providers of regulated eGaming services. We have proudly served some of the most highly regarded eGaming operators and providers of services since 1996.

  • Global IP Compliance Services

    Curaçao eGaming License IP compliance services and data centers are strategically located around the world. We provide compliance-ready solutions tailored specifically to assist operators and providers of services to meet business, legal, geographic and multijurisdictional challenges.

  • Hosting & Colocation

    We provide a full range of custom dedicated servers, private cloud servers, GEO IP services, cloud storage, single unit rackspace or high capacity private racks and aggressive bandwidth rates from our worldwide private IP compliance services locations.

  • Authorized Fiduciary Services

    Global corporate services are provided for by our authorized leading licensed Fiduciary Services Providers offering the establishment and professional daily management of companies for various respected jurisdictions around the world.

All-in-One Package

Included Services:

  • Consulting  
  • Online Gambling License  
  • Compliance Supervision  

Additional Services

  • Formation of Curaçao and EU companies  
  • Banking Assistance  
  • Payment Processing  
  • Leased Dedicated Servers  
  • Worldwide Data Center Colocation  
  • Private and Public Clouds  
  • Advanced DNS Hosting Services  
  • Administrative and Legal Services  
  • Backoffice Support  

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eGaming License IP Application

How to apply – eGaming IP Application Procedure

Our eGaming License and IP Compliance Services Guide, forms and applications are provided upon request. The eGaming IP License Compliance Services Guide contains all necessary guidance to define eGaming Services and the necessary operating compliance requirements to establish an online eGambling services under our Curaçao eGaming License. The entire setup process on average takes between 2~4 weeks depending on candidates turnaround time to provide the necessary documents and information to complete the IP application approval process and meet our compliance services requirements. All required forms and supporting documents once completed may be sent in electronic format to begin the process. Original documents must be sent via courier or in person. IP Applicants are encouraged to contact our compliance officers directly for any information about our jurisdiction or to request assistance with completing the forms and supplying the necessary supporting documents.

The following is the procedure for securing IP approval:
  1. The applicant makes a request to Curaçao eGaming to receive our eGaming IP license and compliance services guide along with the necessary IP application.
  2. Applicant must provide Curaçao eGaming with a detailed reply to the items under point 7. of the eGaming IP license and compliance services guide for review and to proceed.
  3. The completed IP application form along with the required supporting documents are to be submitted to Curaçao eGaming via email, in person or by courier, original documents must be supplied in person or by courier
  4. Upon receipt of payment of the required application fees or submission of proof of payment our compliance team will begin to process the IP application.
  5. If the IP application and the required attachments are incomplete or is not compliant to the IP eGaming compliance requirements, Curaçao eGaming shall advise the IP applicant together with a checklist indicating the lacking or non-compliant items.
  6. Approved applicants will be required to provide payment of all necessary onetime fees and deposits required for eGaming IP license and compliance services. The approved applicant will receive from Curaçao eGaming detailed instructions for the necessary IP and compliance services requirements to be met for the services intended to be operated under Curaçao eGaming. Registered and approved services must at all times remain operating in compliance under Curaçao eGaming IP compliance services at all times. Curaçao eGaming’s’ License to operate is valid and authorized only for the specific approved IP providers and registered suppliers, applications, services, domains and URLs for which an IP has received confirmation and approval for from Curaçao eGaming. An IP may add, remove or make changes to their registered and approved applications, suppliers, services, domains and URLs by providing Curaçao eGaming with the necessary required technical and operational compliance information for review and approval as outlined in the Curaçao eGaming IP license and compliance services guide.
  7. Curaçao eGaming IP compliance officers and engineers conduct IP compliance audits on a regular basis. In order to avoid possible unnecessary penalties and suspension of services for non-registered services or services operating out of compliance, it is IP’s’ responsibility to ensure all applications, services, domains and URLs operating under Curaçao eGaming are up to date. Curaçao eGaming must at all times have on file an up to date list of registered and approved suppliers, applications, services, domains and URLs operating.
Corporate Solutions

The decision about which Jurisdictional entity to use is often decided based upon tax considerations. Regardless of the choices, all necessary personal and corporate compliance and disclosures apply. We will be pleased to provide an introduction to our authorized corporate management services providers who will provide all necessary information and forms for company formation services for various worldwide jurisdictions.

License Seal

Services operating under our eGaming license are required to display our official seals. The official seals provide assurance the service is actively operating in compliance.

A few words about us

Curaçao eGaming – MISSION

To supervise and ensure the integrity and conduct of Curaçao eGaming IP operators and providers of services.

Curaçao – A leading regulated Jurisdiction

Our jurisdictions initiative has championed the eGaming Industry for over a decade. Since 1996 we have maintained unprecedented global recognition and appreciation for our abilities to consistently deliver reliable turn-key professional services to the eGaming and eCommerce marketplace.

No need to apply for various types of eGaming Licenses

Curaçao offers only one License type which provides eGaming Licensing Authority to Operators of Services, Software and Services Providers. Our jurisdictions single license covers all forms of interactive eGaming including: Casinos, Sports betting, Exchanges, Lottery, Games of Skill and Chance.

Designed to accommodate the needs of Operators, Software, Service and Network Providers

We offer specialized eGaming license IP programs for operators, providers services, software providers and network operators. Indeed, some of very first and largest operators and providers of services in eGaming are recipient of our specialized programs. The programs provide a ‘turnkey’ offering with the purpose to assist the providers in being an attractive source to do business with, allowing you to concentrate on building your business effectively.

Our unique eGaming IP license and compliance services and quick turnaround time attracts established companies.

We have learned from various clients who have looked in other jurisdictions that our unique IP license and global compliance services coupled with over 16 years of experience completely sets us apart from other Jurisdictions.

Worldwide Infrastructure Services

Our global IP compliance services offering is dedicated to eGaming and eCommerce companies who require the reliability and performance necessary to succeed in today’s competitive global market while operating from a favorable, stable jurisdiction. Our clients take full advantage of our global services and the reliability our worldwide infrastructure and support capabilities. Our compliance-ready solutions include dedicated servers, private cloud servers, co-location, single unit rackspaces or high capacity private racks, network hardware and custom IT infrastructure solutions. We also provide complete support, managed and unmanaged, full hardware parts & warranty replacement services.


Don’t fall victim to online financial and identity fraud schemes by providers of services claiming to offer our Curaçao eGaming IP licensing and operators of websites claiming to be duly licensed by Curaçao eGaming

How to validate?

  1. Look for the Curaçao eGaming logo in the footer
    All websites compliant with Curaçao eGaming need to have the Curaçao eGaming logo installed in their footer. Please take note of the different seal statuses representing the Operator’s compliance status:
  2. Review the validation page
    The logo in the footer needs to link to a validation page on the domain
  3. Cross check the company information
    The company operating the website needs to match both in the website terms and conditions and in the validation page

What Action you can take?

If you notice a website that claims to operate under Curaçao eGaming license but does not follow the simple validation rules, you can report it here. Our compliance officers will investigate and contact you further.